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A farewell party for retired employees of cloud exhibition
From: Jiangxi dragon exhibition machinery manufacturing co. LTD. Post date: 2018-09-10

Yesterday, in order to embody the management concept of "people-oriented", carry forward the fine culture of respecting knowledge and talents, and respond to relevant national policies, dongguan yunzhan intelligent equipment co., ltd. held a farewell party for the retired employees of fan Lao (packaging workers) and tang Lao (restaurant chefs), expressing the company's gratitude and care for the retired employees.

Mr. Wang expressed his appreciation and deep respect to the two masters for their hard work, hard work and selfless dedication over the past ten years.

For decades, though they are ordinary jobs, but they regard overall situation, know wisely, the foothold official duty, wuxi, diligent, hard-working, down-to-earth work, dedication, hard work, the wonderful youth and enthusiasm, put all the power and wisdom of contribution to the company, is the company's development of promoters and witnesses.

All the employees of the company recalled their experiences in the company over the past ten years. Listening to the stories of fan and tang, fan and tang gave a farewell to fan and tang with deep blessings.

Finally, to fan old and tang old gifts, retirement rewards to thank the two more than ten years of selfless dedication to the company, glorious retirement is a new life starting point for the old workers, hope fan old and tang old to adjust good mentality, take care of good health, education good children. The development of the company requires their understanding and support as always. I wish them good health, family harmony and everything goes well.

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