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We wish you a happy Mid-Autumn festival!

We look at the same bright moon, no matter where the body, the heart will be in the most nostalgic home. See also in autumn, the month is the hometown Ming, remote sent hometown sentiment, a thousand miles total chan.........

When I was a child, I always pointed at the moon and asked questions. My mother always said that you should not use your fingers to the moon.

When I was a child, my mother often said that the moon has chang 'e and the rabbit, then often looked up at the moon, always feel as if I could really see something.

When I was a child, I liked to run all over the yard with the lanterns. The silver brightness of the moon dispelled the darkness of the night. ......

After growing up, suddenly understand, the significance of the Mid-Autumn festival, not eat how much mooncakes, is not a little partners envy the lantern.

...... But -- it's so important that families get together, enjoy the moon, eat mooncakes, and get together in this moment.

I still remember the youth, parents have not born, brothers and sisters are immature. Every time the Mid-Autumn festival, the courtyard osmanthus began to emit a faint fragrance, then the moon in the sky beautiful sad, mysterious, children always want to reach out to catch. At that time, although the mooncake is monotonous sesame filling, eating is also a simple meal, but the family together in the Mid-Autumn festival scene, is worth a lifetime of memories of the warmth.

A round of bright moon quiet shine, the world's wandering children think to return, this is the Mid-Autumn festival, is the officials and dignitaries of the Mid-Autumn festival, is the common people of the Mid-Autumn festival, the inheritance of thousands of years, is also year after year is not the same Mid-Autumn.

Perhaps, in your eyes, the bright moon of the Mid-Autumn festival is like a drop of round tears, is your missing loved ones deeply tenderness. All far away from the mother's bosom, alone struggle in the journey of life, the sour, sweet, bitter taste of all these years, behind the askew footprints is a weather-beaten life.

Maybe, in your eyes, the bright moon in the Mid-Autumn festival is like a glass of mellow wine, is the joy of reunion. With the moonlight diffuse wine, reunited relatives raise a cup, drink endless fragrance and sweet. My father's beard was white, my mother's wrinkles were deep, but they couldn't hide their laughter.

The bright moon in everyone's eyes is also somewhat different, I hope my bright moon dark, even out a little light, placate the family in the distant hometown, shining scattered friends. Mid - autumn festival is the most poetic festival, melancholy or not, no matter we are pleased, the lonely sky of the bright moon will always be round enough to make you perfect.

Take wine as song, the whole world is at this time.

Happy Mid-Autumn festival, happy family!



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