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Digital Factory Concept & Floor Plan
From: Dongguan BlueSky Intelligent Equipment Co.,LTD Post date: 2020-07-07

Digital Factory (DF) is a comprehensive network of digital models, methods and tools, including simulation and 3D/virtual reality visualization, integrated through continuous and uninterrupted data management. It is the product of the combination of modern digital manufacturing technology and computer simulation technology, and has its distinctive characteristics. Its emergence has injected new vitality into the basic manufacturing industry, mainly as a communication product design and

 Smart Factory/Digital Workshop

Process manufacturing in the direction of a smart factory In a smart factory, the overall design, engineering design, process flow and layout of the factory have established a relatively complete system model, and simulation, design, and related data have entered the enterprise core database; Equipped with a data collection system and advanced control system that meet the design requirements; established a real-time database platform and integrated with process control and production management systems; factory production realized information sharing and optimized management based on the industrial Internet; established a manufacturing execution system (MES), and integrated with enterprise resource planning management system (ERP) to achieve production model analysis and decision-making, quantitative management of process, dynamic tracking of cost and quality; established enterprise resource planning management system (ERP) in supply chain management Realized the management and optimization of the distribution of raw materials and finished products.

Discrete manufacturing with digital workshop as the direction (CAD), computer-aided process planning (CAPP), design and process route simulation, reliability evaluation and other advanced technologies; product information can penetrate through design, manufacturing, quality, logistics and other links to achieve product full life cycle management (PLM) Established the production process data collection and monitoring control system (SCADA), which can fully collect production site information, and realize data integration and analysis with the workshop manufacturing execution system; established the Gallup manufacturing execution system (MES) to achieve the whole process closed loop Management, and integration with enterprise resource planning management system (ERP); established a workshop-level industrial communication network. Use cloud computing, big data and other new generation information technologies to realize intelligent optimization of operation, management and decision-making on the premise of ensuring information security.

Floor solution

Shoemaking equipment data transformation is to add data collection gateways to the equipment to realize the interconnection and interconnection between shoemaking equipment, eliminate information islands, and through the digital transformation of equipment, the equipment data is transmitted to the blue glass intelligent manufacturing system to realize physical equipment Two-way real mapping and real-time interaction with virtual devices to develop and design digital twin systems. Achieve closed-loop manufacturing in the whole process of shoemaking factories from order taking, process management, planning, quality management, production process control and so on. Provide intelligent recommendation and comprehensive prediction services for iterative optimization of the production process.

▲Data transformation structure of shoemaking equipment

Digital transformation of equipment

Aiming at the existing equipment in the footwear industry, a data collection gateway is installed. The gateway communicates with the equipment PLC or installs sensors to transform the existing equipment, so that the equipment has data collection and transmission capabilities.

Equipment Internet of Things

After the digital transformation of the equipment is completed, the equipment is configured for the equipment IoT, so that the equipment data is transmitted to the intelligent manufacturing system through the data collection gateway, and the digitalization and intelligentization of the shoe machine on the production site are realized.

Blue Glass Intelligent Manufacturing System

Based on the Industrial Internet of Things, it improves the interactivity of industrial equipment in the process of processing, meets the needs of intelligent manufacturing, and enables industrial equipment to self-diagnose, collaborate, increase efficiency, improve quality, and reduce costs!

Dongguan Yunzhan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. takes Songshan Lake as its operation center, and uses Jiangxi Longzhan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Technologist College School-Enterprise Cooperative R&D Trial Center as its production base. It has established automation/intelligence covering Asia, America and Europe. / A group company integrating flexible shoe-making equipment R&D, manufacturing, sales and service, creating the industry's well-known brands "NEWSEAZEN" and "USMC".

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