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Qingli Zhizao "Develop Industrial Internet, Promote Smart Manufacturing"
From: Dongguan BlueSky Intelligent Equipment Co.,LTD Post date: 2020-07-13

Focus on the digitization and intelligence of the production site

The Industrial Internet Intelligent Manufacturing Execution System collects data on the manufacturing execution process based on digital twin technology, designs and plans a digital factory, and realizes the full application of industrial data in the manufacturing execution process. Digital empowers small, medium, and micro manufacturing enterprises to help industrial upgrading ;

Driven by industrial Internet technology, the digital twin system is developed and designed through two-way real mapping and real-time interaction between the physical workshop and the virtual workshop. Realize the whole process of manufacturing closed-loop control of the factory production process. Provide intelligent recommendation and comprehensive prediction services for iterative optimization of the production process.

Technical advantages

Industrial Internet

Based on industrial Internet technology, realize the digital transformation of production equipment, realize data exchange, and eliminate the information island between equipment, order, quality, planning, production, and research and development;

SaaS cloud service

No deployment, no maintenance, and light implementation, "Blue Glass Order" realizes bank-level access security;

Digital twin

Double digital twins, digital equipment and twin workshops;

AI/BI Ready

In the process of using the system, complete the data annotation, provide the basis for data mining and intelligent application, and design the production execution system with systematic thinking.

System characteristics

Real-time progress tracking and prediction

Based on the equipment Internet of Things, real-time tracking and forecasting of production progress and timely delivery reply;

Real-time quality monitoring and abnormal recording

Based on the equipment IoT and according to the process requirements, the production process is fully monitored, problems are found in time, and product yield is improved;

Manufacturing execution closed loop

With production execution process control as the core, it can monitor every process, improve the intelligence of the production line, achieve the purpose of self-diagnosis and high collaboration, and complete the closed loop of manufacturing execution;

Flexible and fast multi-access interface

Mobile phone App, Web, scan code, Kanban and other system access methods, flexible and efficient, low-cost use; template customization to create an enterprise-specific information system.

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