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From: Dongguan BlueSky Intelligent Equipment Co.,LTD Post date: 2020-08-20

What is CEL TECNIA rubber shoe material processing?

CEL TECNIA is a Spanish high-tech company integrating chemical technology and machinery manufacturing. It officially launched new technologies in 2019. It uses light technology to make rubber outsoles free of roughing, washing, and treatment agents. It is widely used in bottom assembly and molding. . Optimized the manufacturing process of rubber materials and other low-adhesion materials.

Rubber shoe material processing system

NEW SEAZEN officially launched CEL TECNIA rubber material processing technology in Asia in September 2019. Help customers improve and simplify the process of shoemaking, reduce labor, reduce the amount of chemical agents, improve the environment, and increase benefits.



1. Working principle

Through CEL's light technology, the rubber surface is treated by physical and chemical means under the action of light and ozone, so as to achieve the effect of cleaning the rough rubber surface. It can work under normal pressure without chemical reagents and will not cause environmental pollution problems. This technology optimizes the adhesion of rubber products and low-adhesion materials.

2CEL rubber treatment process

CT5/CT5-SPD module→gluing→CTR module→bottom assembly or forming glue lamination

3 Introduction to applicable materials and characteristics

●CT5: Pretreatment and treatment of rubber materials, instead of the traditional cleaning, washing and roughing processes, suitable for processing common rubber outsoles.

●CT5-SPD: Treat the styrene butadiene rubber outsole, replacing the roughing and cleaning functions of the traditional process.

●This new technology replaces the traditional process: roughing, washing, drying, applying treatment agent, shortening the processing flow, and bringing revolutionary innovation to the shoemaking process.

●The process of treatment is to change the structure of the rubber surface completely through physical and chemical methods to achieve the effect of roughening and cleaning, without chemical reagents, and zero pollution. It can work under normal pressure, and the working environment is low.

4CTR glue package module

Through the glue encapsulation treatment on the surface after the light treatment, the surface of the rubber outsole does not need to be roughened and halogenated.

●Through automatic temperature control technology, glue encapsulation on the outsole.

●Suitable for outsoles of various colors and shapes.

●It only needs to activate the glue used for drying and packaging, without changing the properties of the rubber material, and without affecting the adhesion of subsequent operations.

●Suitable for oil-based glue and water-based glue.

●This machine can work in parallel with the bottom line or the forming line, or only used for the preparation of rubber materials. After packaging, the rubber materials can be stored for a long time, making the production arrangement of the shoe factory more flexible.

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