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Magic robot, NSZ-9702 lightweight parallel collaborative robot
From: Dongguan BlueSky Intelligent Equipment Co.,LTD Post date: 2020-09-02

For many years, Xinshengzhan has been committed to the research of automatic glue polishing equipment, hoping to find a machine that can imitate the posture and strength of human hands, so as to replace artificial shoe surface polishing. We found that whether it is CNC equipment or industrial six-axis robots, the pressure of brushing can not be controlled and the trajectory is not smooth during high-speed operation. A few years ago, we finally found such a flexible robot, he is "Nezha"-a lightweight parallel collaborative robot.

NSZ-9702 Lightweight parallel collaborative robot

The world’s first industrial-grade six-degree-of-freedom collaborative robot with truly “mimetic” nature: smart, fast, smart, and inclusive

Machine use: It is suitable for the learning, optimization and efficient execution of complex techniques of technical craftsmanship in the handicraft industry.

Machine characteristics

1. Independent intellectual property rights.

   Patent number: CN110450142A, CN210757713U, CN107081760A, CN206967494U, CN305473137S


2. Smart: Drag and teach, no training required, easy to use, easy to "teach" robot work;

3. Fast: efficient operation, lightweight structure, fast recurrence, with acceleration function, which can effectively improve efficiency;

4. Wisdom: Modular programming, without the need for professional programming knowledge, can realize the trajectory planning of a variety of complex processes, to achieve the perfect integration of "experience" and "precision"; combined with production lines can also achieve multi-work robot collaboration;

5. Co-fusion: lightweight structural design and high-sensitivity collision detection function, make the robot have high safety, realize the coexistence of man and machine, without isolation;

6. Modularity: Easily adapt to existing factory production lines, ready to use.

Dongguan Yunzhan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. takes Songshan Lake as its operating center, Jiangxi Longzhan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Technician College School-enterprise Cooperation R&D Pilot Center as its production base, and has established automation/intelligence covering Asia, America and Europe. /The group company integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of flexible shoemaking equipment has created industry-renowned brands "NEWSEAZEN" and "USMC".

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