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New concept intelligent bottom pressing machine
From: Dongguan BlueSky Intelligent Equipment Co.,LTD Post date: 2020-09-17

New concept intelligent bottom pressing machine

The pioneer in the shoes industry, is a brand new model of a creative concept

The distinct between it and the current traditional press machine are:

The servo linear actuator system can’t be compared with the traditional oil pump supply system.

Quiet, noiseless, low energy consumption, faster and more efficient pressurization.(it is difficult to maintain the noise and service life of traditional oil pump system.)

The servo linear actuator pressurize, not the current oil and gas mixture pressurize system can be compared. It avoids the worry that the external air supply is not enough to cause the instability of molding press.

In the pressure sensing control, intelligent bottom pressing machine can form closed-loop control.That is to do: insufficient pressure feedback - continue to drive - feedback - control stop.Closed-loop control of pressure is implemented to avoid defective products caused by pressure failure make it distinct from similar models.

The capsule adopts super soft imported adhesive material, with high ductility up to 1200%.It can ensure more than 100,000 times of service life, reduce consumables quantities consumption.

This machine is used in:

It can be used for ordinary bottom combination processing. Suitable for outsole combination machining within 380 mm in length and 200MM in width.

Widely applicable for forming outsole fitting. Especially for height patch like a few shoes model that cover shoes head and heel etc.

Dongguan Yunzhan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. takes Songshan Lake as its operating center, Jiangxi Longzhan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Dongguan Technician College’s school-enterprise cooperative R&D trial center as its production base, and has established automation/intelligence covering Asia, America and Europe. /The group company integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of flexible shoemaking equipment has created industry-renowned brands "NEWSEAZEN" and "USMC".

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