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Company Profile

DONGGUAN BLUESkY INTELLIGENT EqUIpMENT CO, LTD, LTD., founded in 1998, started in 2000 with Germany, Italy, South Korea and other countries of advanced shoemaking enterprise and domestic famous universities and colleges to carry out technical cooperation, dongguan in guangdong province in the production of the world's leading technology shoes machine equipment. And in Vietnam and Indonesia has manufacturing factory, established in 2008 in jiangxi taihe China, Taiwan and South Korea joint ventures of large-scale production base, major cities in southeast Asian nations and the pearl river delta has a service, in Shanghai, fujian, sichuan's major producers have a long-term cooperation agent and service support. In August 2005, the new production line RDS system and MSD system, which revolutionized the footwear industry, will bring great changes to the production organization of the footwear industry. Under the guidance of the world's advanced shoe machine technology, our company will successively launch various new types of "saving people, energy saving and environmental protection" to improve the productivity of the footwear industry.

Our company adheres to the tenet of "service first, precision manufacturing", and is willing to contribute to the development of shoes industry.

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